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Mobile payment solutions built for your service and repair business.

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The service and repair industry is different from retail, e-commerce, and the food industry in one big way: clients don't come to you, you go to them. As a plumber, electrician, housecleaner, landscaper, or mechanic, you need a way to accept payments at every house you visit. Thankfully, Dynamic Merchant Solutions has the solution for you. Our payment systems will make it easy for you to get paid no matter where you are.

The simplest, most user-friendly payment solutions for all service and repair professionals.

We offer payment options that you can bring with you on every job. Our mobile wireless terminals and credit card readers allow you to accept and process payments at any time. We offer low processing rates, a flexible point-of-sale system, and an online gateway to accept and even make payments. The suite of tools includes recurring billing, invoicing, payroll integration, inventory management, and more. With our help, getting paid for your hard work is easier than ever.


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Dynamic Merchant Solutions offers a wide range of services that fit your service / repair business. Easily accept payments, anytime, anywhere.