Apple Pay

A “digital wallet” that allows Apple users to make payments from their iDevices.

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In less than a minute, you can accept contactless payments.


Apple Pay uses the same level of security as EMV transactions, and it’s even faster!


With NFC-enabled machine, you can accept Apple Pay for FREE and Android Pay, too!


The beauty of Apple Pay is that there is no need for an Apple Pay-specific terminal


Apple has been at the forefront of mobile technology, releasing new and improved services in order to enhance user convenience. Apple Pay is one such service, and one of the best of its kind! Apple-Pay

Simply put, Apple Pay is a mobile payment system, a “digital wallet” that allows Apple users to make payments from their iDevices. Devices compatible with this new mobile payment system include:

  • iPhone 6 and later
  • Apple Watch
  • iPad Air 2 / iPad Pro / iPad Mini 3 & 4 and later

Is Apple pay more secure than credit cards or other mobile payments?

Apple Pay doesn’t provide customer information (credit card details, name, etc.) to the store making the sale. Instead, it generates a code for the transaction, and that code grants the retailer’s bank access to the customer’s account for the transfer. It helps to reduce the risk of credit card data being skimmed, stolen, or stored in the wrong place.

Let Dynamic Merchant Solutions help you to integrate Apple Pay into your payment systems, giving your users the convenience and ease-of-payment they deserve.

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